2013 T-shirts

We need high-res logos for t-shirts, with ® in the logo

How about like this?
Color of t-shirt color of diamond logo color of text in logo (tiki) color of text outside the logo (ex.: .org or wiki cms groupware) example
White or nearly white t-shirt blue white blue Coming soon
Black or nearly black t-shirt blue white blue Coming soon
All colors black white white

2010 T-shirts


2010-06 batch of t-shirts is awesome.
Good: colors and sizes. Fabric is nice. T-shirts for women.
Bad: we ran out of L and XL very early

Suggestions: repeat for next order with a few tweaks:
  • Find a way to have a black or charcoal t-shirt (will need alternative logo)
  • For small t-shirts, have the logo smaller.



This is a typical distribution when getting t-shirts:
  • XXS 2
  • XS 2
  • S 4
  • M 8
  • L 16
  • XL 16
  • XXL 8
  • XXXL 4
  • 4XL 1
  • 5XL 1

And also some t-shirts for ladies

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