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Promo sheet

This page is to coordinate the format & branding of the promo sheet.

2 pager is nice and is a hit. Color printing is expensive. Next version will be designed to print black on white or color paper. (could be different color per language). When printed in large version, we get a nice poster

The actual content is coordinated and translated here: promo sheet.

We need a new sheet for WikiMania 2012 with info about Tiki9 LTS. Suggestions for next promo sheet:
  • How about making a foldable leaflet? (would be better on a table?)
  • Also look into a Handouts
  • Add elements of tiki.org/model (LTS, scheduled releases, etc)
  • Mention Tiki Suite
  • Make it timeless (no need to refer to a version number)
  • Use the Online Publishing House