Todo & coordination should be moved to http://tiki.org/Branding+Team

  • upstream raspberry.css to 8.x
  • "Search index could not be updated. The site is misconfigured. Contact an administrator." on CGCOM server (with MySQL search) works beautifully on community server

8.0 goals

6.0 goals


  • Review Tools and make priorities

If possible

Nice to have

5.0 goals

This is needed before because it will be part of the release
  • Upload new logo everywhere (Simon)
  • Footer code content <- please update this, as it's the master to be deployed everywhere (Rick)
    • footer design needs to be determined (Simon + Séb)
      • Files committed for footer. Social networking icon code needs to be added.
      • need a badge to replace: img/tiki/tikibutton2.png which appears in footer
  • Resolve domain name + SSL (Marc)
  • Enable ShortURLs on branding.tiki.org (Seb)
  • Make branding.tiki.org open (Marc)
  • Make branding.tiki.org work with InterTiki (Changi) Since we are now with InterTiki, it is no longer possible to register or change password.
    • logging as admin, add tiki_p_admin to BrandingTwoAdmins group and make sure BrandingTwoAdmins is passed via InterTiki
  • Announcement to the community (Marc)
  • Logo should change along with theme option
    • Should/can this be done with Perspectives? No, it's part of theme
      • Once all logos are uploaded, the theme & logo color will match
  • Login/register pop-up
    • We need a jQuery? And the fallback is link to tiki-login_scr.php?
      • This is done, and works pretty well. Tab links are to register and login page, in case of javascript problem. Register dropdown was removed to keep things simple.
    • Please add a delay so login box stays 10 seconds (or similar) done: CartoGraf Sticky Login
  • Upgrade all *.tiki.org sites to fivealive.css
    • Mostly done, but missing some less important ones like mobile, edu, fr, de, etc.
  • Make fivealive.css better -> FiveAlive Adjustments
    • Top is globally OK
      • Expect enhancements... Globally everything is too big. (Simon + Séb)
    • modules seem too plain (Simon + Séb)
    • center section needs some polish (Simon + Séb)
    • We are missing CSS for branding.tiki.org
  • Make it work basically on IE6 or Fallback to simple theme
    • Checked for basics and IE6 seems ok, but please report any problems. ie6.css was added, especially for site header layout.
  • Wait for this one: Commit the footer project name (Gary)
    • From: Powered by TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
    • To: Powered by Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware
  • Some unfinished stuff from TwoRevamp

Nice to have