We need a set of "official screenshots" to use at various listings

To replace at: http://info.tiki.org/Fact+Sheet

Proposed guidelines

  1. All screen shots should use the default theme (Fivealive in 5.x, Strasa in 4.x, Thenews in 3.x LTS)
    • What for Tiki6? Preferred, some theme with white bg, so that some screenshots can be reused where possible among versions, if needed and no changes among tiki versions.
    • Are we really planning to change the default theme (again) for Tiki6? I thought Fivealive was the new brand/default going forward?
      • No plans to change as Tiki6 is LTS, we want stability. Tiki7 will maybe have new theme
  2. All screen shots should reflect the default install — no customizations
  3. Should have 1 screen shot per feature
    Would be nice to have semi-real, demo data for these features. Possibly a "full demo" profile?
  4. Should have screen shot for the installer
  5. Where appropriate, red border to shapes with transparent background to highlight/indicate specific parts from the screenshot
    • (if plugin annotation worked with png, we could also work with/dogfood that)
  6. No much more than 600 px wide, so that whenever they are sent to pdf and paper, they fit in an A4 (or letter) without resizing them one by one.

In use: