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See also: Model, SWOT and Social Contract

Tiki & Community Goals

  • Build a powerful, leading, complete, user-friendly, stable and secure full featured open source web application, which includes (but is not limited to) CMS & groupware features.
  • Find a delicate balance between chaos and order :
    • Features creativity, unrestricted and rapid development.
    • Stability, extensive testing and up-to-date documentation.
  • Keep track of development activity by using extensive logging and systematic publishing.
  • Make it easy for small teams or lonely coder to adopt, enhance or add some features.
  • Help new developers to join the team, learn more and contribute fast.
  • Provide a friendly network of Tiki users-developers favoring mutual assistance and support.
  • Eat our own dogfood. Use Tiki for our community activity to see how it works first-hand.
  • To have a fun & friendly community where people can easily contribute & enhance Tiki.