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This needs to be coordinated with Top Menu

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{HTML(wiki="1")}<style>.twfooter .card {border: none; background: transparent; } .twfooter h4 { font-size: 1.2rem; margin-bottom: 0; } .twfooter ul { list-style:none; padding-left: 0; } .twfooter .icon-link-external, .twfooter .icon-link {display: none; }</style><div class="twfooter"><div class="row"><div class="col-xs-2"><div class="card"> !!!! [|About Tiki|nocache] * [|nocache|News] * [|Download|nocache] * [|Demo|nocache] * [|Features|nocache] * [|Tiki Association|nocache] * [|Contact Tiki|nocache] * [|Donate to Tiki|nocache]</div><div class="card"> !!!! [|Support|nocache] * [|Forums|nocache] * [|Documentation|nocache] * [|Mailing lists|nocache] * [|FAQs|nocache] * [|Live chat (IRC)|nocache] * [|Consultants|nocache]</div></div><div class="col-xs-2"><div class="card"> !!!! [|Community|nocache] * [|Model|nocache] * [|Join Tiki|nocache] * [|Who to contact|nocache] * [|Feature request|nocache] * [|Bug report|nocache] * [|Roadmap|nocache] * [|Featured Tikis|nocache] * [|IRC chat|nocache] * [|Events|nocache] * [|Videos|nocache]</div><div class="card"> !!!! [|Get Started|nocache] * [|Download|nocache] * [|Install guide|nocache] * [|Configure|nocache]</div></div><div class="col-xs-2"><div class="card"> !!!! [|Documentation|nocache] * [|Basics|nocache] * [|Installation guide|nocache] * [|Configuration|nocache] * [|Features|nocache] * [|Tutorials|nocache] * [|Tiki for Smarties|nocache] * [|Become an author|nocache]</div></div><div class="col-xs-2"><div class="card"> !!!! [|Development|nocache] * [|The 3 rules|nocache] * [|Commit access|nocache] * [|Get the code|nocache] * [|Profiles|nocache] * [|Security|nocache] * [|Languages|nocache] * [|Themes|nocache]</div></div><div class="col-xs-2"><div class="card"> !!!! [|Tiki Project Sites|nocache] * [|Information|nocache] * [|Community|nocache] * [|Development|nocache] * [|Documentation|nocache] * [|Themes|nocache] * [|Profiles|nocache] * [|Branding|nocache] * [|Security|nocache]</div></div><div class="col-xs-2"><div class="card"> !!!! [|Networks|nocache] * [|Twitter|nocache] * [|Facebook|nocache] * [|Linkedin|nocache] * [|Google+] * [|Open Hub|nocache] * [|SlideShare|nocache] * [|Flickr <small>(old)</small>|nocache] * [|YouTube|nocache]</div></div> </div> <div class="row d-flex"><div class="col-xs-8"> Tiki® and TikiWiki® are registered trademarks of the [|Tiki Software Community Association].</div><div class="col-xs-4 text-right"><a href=""><img src="" width="150" height="40" alt="Get Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads" /></a></div></div>{HTML}


For, add the following:
The information on this site is available under a <a href="Creative+Commons+Attribution-ShareAlike+License" title="Copyright">Creative Commons License</a>.

''To specify the CC copyright


Social networks

The footer needs to be kept in sync with

To do: Social Networking icons

There isn't code for this in the footer template (tiki-bot_bar.tpl) so for now the code could go in the L&F textarea.

Note: On, several social networking icons are randomly shown in the Join Tiki module in the left column. See for details. Let's coordinate so that we have all the same icons. See also for more info.

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