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Tiki Suite

This has been rebranded to WikiSuite. Please see: http://wikisuite.org/Branding

Data below kept for historical reasons


  • project name (case/typo): Tiki Suite (to keep consistent with the rest of Tiki branding)
  • domain: suite.tiki.org
  • https://suite.tiki.org/Branding+ideas
    • logo: "stacked" version (Simon)
    • colors: black/grey/white (blackberry or prune option for fivealive.css in 7.2) (Simon screenshot and Gary for CSS)


website header


Top menu

Top Menu


  • Integrated productivity, publishing and collaboration Suite
  • Full Web and desktop suite
  • Complete Web and desktop suite
  • Integrated Web and desktop suite
  • Unified collaboration
  • Unified collaboration suite
  • All in one Web Office Suite
  • The (or Single) Web App to rule them all
  • Web Applicative Suite
  • Online Suite Application
  • All coming together
  • It's all coming together
  • Integrated collaboration
  • Integrated collaboration suite
  • All-in-one collaboration
  • All-in-one collaboration suite
  • More More More
  • TBCTBAC (Ask Marc)