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FiveAlive Adjustments


As of 5.1

Second round

  • The calendar (and calendar module) needs work, too. It looks too... "plain." I (ricks99) want to include a Tiki event calendar on info.tw.o..
  • Gary, look the PSD via email (before/after layer comps). Sorry for the color, there is something wrong with my Photoshop.
  • Header
    • Change logo. See file attached
    • Move Tagline "Branding Brand..." 50 px to the right.
    • Reduce height (whitout black stipe menu) to 170 px.Now we have 203 px.
  • Top menu
    • Typefont looks like to be too bold. Change it for Arial less bold (or regular if we don't have "in-between") 12 pt.
    • Reduce space between words (-5px).
    • Align with the right side of the site
    • Use third colour (darker) for the background drop menu.
      • Keep the same rollover. I think it will be perfect.
  • Menu (black strip)
    • Remove grey shadow on the bg side (1) and add 1px grey lines like site side
    • Create a smooth gradient (2) like the bg side of the site menu-bar.jpg
    • Reduce height of the black stripe -7px
    • I reduce height for the search field. I put a vector on my PSD.
    • Write SEARCH on the search field
      • I haven't found how to do this yet. The default value of the search form is occupied by part of a javascript currently. However, the search form becomes wider when the option is activated to search by Tiki feature (in blogs, forums, images, etc.), I had to add a dropdown area to display those "find in" options. This was committed on June 5. It uses the cssmenu dropdown method (list tags were added to a Fivealive version of the tiki-searchindex.tpl file). If this is a good display method for the site header search options, the CSS could be moved to layout.css for other themes to use. (Gary)
    • Align drop down arrows with buttom words
  • Log in / log out
    • Align with the right side of the site
    • Remove arrow for log out. Log out with one-click.

First round


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